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he has a advantage. romney is going to be exceptional. >> tune in. >> fiewn in and watch. let watch. >> i'm excited. >> talk about in next week in class. >> would you taunt the cross road different and you engage in more localized races congressional and senate how you choose your priorities since so you have a broader scope. >> yeah. that's a good question. we're focused on the presidential election and goal to beat president obama and elect a new president. we are heavily invested in the senate and house race. thing a way about the -- [inaudible] i don't think priority u.s.a. for example -- restore future exclusively dedicated. we're focused on all of the senate races or where you're going do see a lot more of the advertising early your on in the senate races, the bigger the office, the more people pay attention. the we'll be engaged in a number of house races probably a little bit later as we get closer. >> yeah. that's the other thing. the cross roads place outside role in the senate races and don't think that the two are not entwined. i'm not suggesting anything knee fair use.
for him but he clearly made that more possible by what he did in the debate? >> it is possible for romney to win and you discover that by looking state-by-state which is the reason that before the debate i would have said that romney had little chance. before the debate we saw him falling off a cliff. the romney folks themselves will tell you heartening support for the president, softening support for romney. now you were seeing the reverse. now you are seeing all these moving to the top. >> i thought beforehand, i was somewhat a greater chance the romney could win. wind. simply because there was a serious state polls just before the debate and they show that it was closing. after romney had a bet of september as you could have which kind of confirms my belief that there is a lid on obama ceiling, that because of the poor economic record there is a limit to how bloated and committed to obama people are and now i would say, still agree with my colleagues that i think obama is the favorite that i think it's more like 55-45 and i think it's very clear, still somewhat difficult but a much cle
and mitt romney held at hofstra university on new york's long island. from undecided voters in the audience submitted questions about foreign and domestic issues. cnn's candy crowley has selected which ones who asked the candidates. it looks like she is wrapping up instructions for the audience and then she will introduce president obama and mitt romney. >> they are awaiting your questions. thank you all. enjoy tonight and i will see you on the other and. thanks. [applause] .. [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] >> moderator: good evening from hofstra university in new york. i'm candy crowley. we are hear for the second debate, a town hall. the gallop organization chose 82 uncommitted voters from the new york area. their questions drive the night. my goal is to give the conversation direction and to ensure questions are answered. the questions are known to me and the team only. neither the commission nor the candidates have seen them. i hope to get
obamacare, last week in the first presidential debate, mitt romney talked about obamacare as well. there are certainly plenty of parts of it that he seems to embrace. is it necessary to repeal the whole thing? don't you lose a lot you have to put back in place? >> i'll start with obamacare in its entirety. it's going to add $1.7 trillion to the cost of government over the next ten years. it creates 158 new agencies and programs. creates independent -- advisory board which is going tell wharf they can do and what kind of services they can get and those things are wrong. now, the part i would extend -- my whole platform would be -- i call it tip. we need tort reform because malpractice insurance is some of the biggest costses for private practice, health care private practice. we need to interstate competition. we need portability. you got be able to take one plan with you. and we need to protect the preexisting conditions. >> congressman, let me ask you to react. >> the two points he just brought up are already in obamacare. there's a pilot project on tort reform. the opportunity t
they have planned. >> i was reminded how much it has benefited governor romney to have participated in the debates and forums in the primaries. he comes across at somebody is who is comfortable in the tee bite format. the president hasn't done it for now years and there's no question that worked to governor romney's benefit. >> it's an interesting observation. leads to my next question which is, in this campaign what do you think has had more impact can debates or campaign advertising? as you know going into the campaign seen a year ago, everybody was talking about money going to be poured into advertising and what kind of impact that could have, hough it could influence the outcome, and there was an escalating spending war going on. do the debates have more of an impact? maybe a little too early to tell. >> depends who you're talking about. if you live in about a dozen states, those ads are killing you. maybe eight states. there's so many of them it's all you see when you turn on the television. we get a little bit of it here in washington because we're next door to virginia, and m
candidate mitt romney. then, how speaker john boehner contains for mitt romney in new hampshire. that is followed by a former president bill clinton campaigning for obama in las vegas. >> 13 years ago today, c-span radio was created by the cable tv industry is another way to access our public affairs programming. you can listen to c-span radio in the washington baltimore area at 90.1 fm. on xm satellite radio, channel 119, were online at c-span radio.org. now, you can listen on your smart phone with the same c-span radio app for iphone, blackberry and android devices. >> on tomorrow morning's "washington journal", look at the upcoming presidential debate. our guest is frank donatelli. chairman of the a group that trains republican candidates for office. in the video of mitt romney talking about the 47% of americans that mr. romney says don't pay taxes. and we will get medicare's growing costs with emily etheridge, a health care reporter from rational quarterly. "washington journal" is live everyday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> will do with the president obama did for the b
romney campaign. our other speakers from the other side of the of his dr. jared bernstein. he's currently on leave from the center on budget and policy priorities where he was a senior fellow. from 2009 to 2011, he was the chief economic adviser to vice president joe biden's executive director of the white house task force on the middle class and a member of president obama's economic team. dr. speed -- bernstein and what economic policies, income inequality and mobility, trends and employment and earnings, international comparison and the analysis of the financial housing market. and i'm also sure manufacturing. prior to joining the obama administration, dr. bernstein was a senior economist and the director of living standards at the economic policy institute in washington, d.c.. finally, we are very happy to have as our moderator, hedrick smith, who was one of the great commentators and authors in the united states on policy and manufacturing and other issues. he is a pulitzer prize-winning former "new york times" reporter and editor and any award winning producer and correspondent. for
and they have been some of the same attacks we have seen between mr. romney and president obama and the fact checkers actually have been having a field day with the charges on both sides so i would like it if we could try to sort out the facts. first of all we have already heard from congressman latham about the money, the affordable care act takes savings and cuts to providers through medicare. you voted for that. wayzata good idea of? boswell: the medicare adjustment extends the life from medicare and gives us time to work on it which i certainly think we need to do and nobody is being denied the care. when they started it up and the insurance companies those that were ministering made big profits and we will set at different times we are to bring that back and say that and we did that with the affordable care at. we did that and it extends the life 10 years. if you turn it over like he is purporting to do, 2016 and it's gone so we are back to getting those 40 million people who don't have insurance and we have people who don't have coverage and the children aren't covered and nobody wants
, for a campaign rally with republican presidential candidate mitt romney. later, president obama rallies with supporters in las vegas. >> tuesday british labour party leader ed miliband delivers remarks in manchester. we'll have live coverage from england here on c-span2 starting at 9:15 a.m. eastern. also tuesday on c-span2, a look at what happens to individual taxes if the bush era tax cuts expire. former congressional budget office director douglas holtz-eakin and other economists look at the issue. our live coverage from the urban institute here in washington, d.c. starts at noon eastern. >> every generation through our history has worked and sacrificed to leave a better country to their children and grandchildren and future generations. we, we were then spending their money, we are now even more, much more, spending their money, and we are leaving them a mess that will be a very difficult to deal with, and if we are that weak, just think of who wants to come here first and take us over. now, the last thing i ever want to see is to see our country taken over because we're so financia
but very dangerous to the economy. and mitt romney, the challenger is this an intimacy where he gets a vote, but he should be highlighting the importance of getting here to the spring. once you get to spring coming out to do some pain. you do have to commit to the two things that we don't like bush is raising taxes and cutting spending. >> i totally agree with that. i think we need to hear from the candidates that they are serious about getting deficits down to economical sustainable levels over the next 10 years and that they will not a short-term fiscal cliff for the economy, but that isn't another version of benjy saying we're going to kick the can down the road again. i would also like to position to be that we revert to what we sat in current law. i would like that to be the default, rather than the default to be business as usual. i would like them to stick to current law. [inaudible] >> if you think about the way policy is made for the last two years convoyed really fallen into a horrible pattern of only making decisions on if it's a crisis. government shutdown command defaults or wh
hold hearings. mus back so in love with you. ♪ ishat all? come on. imagine mitt romney doing that. ♪ i'm so in love with you. >> i'm sorry, you've got to give it to both sides. our second obamagasm award. there's a priester, i can go to confession. goes to someone who celebrated a movement, not just an individual. this was on october 11, abcs, and i'm going to do her voice, diane sawyer of the perpetually heavy breathing voice, who's trying with a very blurry lines. last night i actually liked diane. i'm sorry, i feel guilty doing this, was trying vallely to describe the emergence of a movement known as the benevolent occupy wall street. >> without food for you up-to-date on those protesters, the occupy wall street movement. as such ignited a spread to more than 250 american cities, more than a thousand countries. every continent but antarctica. >> right up there with 57 states, occupy wall street has spread to what thousand countries. why not just say, in the trillion? well, god bless her, our final nominee for the obamagasm award is britain's own alien life form, known as a long walk
sat round to, whether the republican administration are already in place regardless of what mr. romney or mr. obama wants. we have to understand that it proceed from there. >> the administration has to recognize what was a bunch of wishful thinking. we need to take a hard look in the middle east, broader, not just in eastern mediterranean to the shum speared notches area and i think the name of the game right now is iran. the iranian nuclear program. and if the price is stopping the iranian nuclear problem is having the regime in iran getting a blow inside iran for enlisting syria. i wished them a strong debate of who last syria comment nba. i think that whoever is in the, and need some adults that understands geopolitics, not just theory, the practice. unfortunately for the administration and some of us wonder about that. >> ladies and gentlemen, i ask you to join me in making our panel for what was a rich discussion. [applause] and we also thank the folks who came in on c-span 2 and have a wonderful day. thank you are being here. >> i watched two different types of programs on c-span
deal, you have heard of the better deal. thew effort of the square deal. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. we are not buying it. >> it starts as an economic argument. argument. manages having a hard time adapting to the economy and women are testing more easily. i can't tell you why. just to stay this. back then its education and credentials. the economy is fast-changing and women seem to be getting those skills and credentials at a much faster rate than men are. and they seem to be more nimble and that kind of filters down into our society or goes on the book i talk about how to change that changes marriages and fatherhood and what man can again do in families and how young people have and make decisions and so you really start to see it having an influence in our culture. >> democratic state senator kyrsten sinema and republican vernon parker. our live coverage from phoenix is courtesy of kate aet tv. the ninth district was added in their son after the 10 census and it includes tempe and part of the phoenix scottsdale mesa and chandler. ♪ >> good evening and welcom
the affordable care act, how is it different from the same amount in the ryan budget? subform that romney proposes to keep those funds in medicare and reform medicare. an important point and let me answer what needs to be done with medicare. even though republicans were so aware of how delicate it can be to touch medicare, if you are over 55 nothing changes but to keep this program around for folks younger than 55, the other way we have got to go is which is is what the ryan plan is, give seniors options. >> moderator: you support governor romney's proposal for vouchers and what you call options for -- walsh: i've never heard any other word than voucher for the romney ryan plan. is called premium support and what we currently do with medicare part d which we give seniors options and it's important to note even for people younger than 55 in the republican plan if you want to keep traditional medicare you can. you are either going to ration or you are going to give seniors options. ms. duckworth and president obama want to ration care. duckworth: it's simply not true. he voted three times f
romney has spoken in commerce and ryan is acted on. [inaudible] >> and now live coverage of the new jersey senate debate between them, bob menendez and republican challenger, joe kyrillos. it's the first of three debates in its courtesy of njtv in englewood. >> moderator: to those witnessing the debate live at the universities john jay kelley school of music and those participating to television, radio or the internet, welcome to our campus. the university's partners for today's event are njtv and the north jersey media group. we're pleased to serve as a hub for the many other news organizations that are covering this event live, including wnyc, wb wbgo-fm, c-span another news outlets. i would like to encourage your citizens throughout the state to be actively engaged in considering the issues and the candidates and to participate in the electoral process. thank you. ♪ >> at the john jay calley school of music. i am mike schneider, managing editor here at njtv. we welcome you to the first debate between the two major party candidates for the u.s. senate. u.s. senator bob menendez,
your tax -- release your tax returns. why is that? to congressman dold, do you believe governor romney should release his returns? schneider: what i think people want to know are included -- >> moderator: doesn't show what you pay in taxes. dold: it does not. that's been reported as well. my wife has her own career. she is a professional. she has clients and competitors. she's not running for congress. i believe my wife has the right to a certain degree of privacy. everything voters want to know -- >> moderator: some would say that they're entitle today transparent is si from a candidate. schneider: i've released my returns. i believe the voters do have a right to transparency, and, frankly, the fact that we don't know what deduction cans were taken, we don't know if taxes were paid on domestic employees, we don't know any of those types of things and i think that, obviously, we know from past history these are some of the things that voters have wanted to know and have tripped up potential -- >> moderator: those are all legitimate or, arguably legitimate -- [inaudible] let me follow u
to read a few quotes, most notably president obama and governor romney and the most recent of the first presidential debate on october 3rd. governor romney, every free economy as good regulation. the same time regulation can be excessive. the dodd-frank act had a number of provisions of unintended consequences harmful to the economy. it's kind of reasonable and small banks. i would repeal and replace it. president obama: the reason for such an economic crisis has prompted by reckless behavior on wall street, but he answered it risk. we stepped in and had the toughest reforms on wall street since an 18 piece is that the question is, does anybody out there think we're too much oversight and regulation of wall street? senator warner of virginia, who subalterns crafting, congress never get to write when you look at massive reform legislation the first time through. he directionally had in the area and come back two or three years hence to the corrections legislation. secretary of the treasury, tim geithner and "wall street journal," strong defense of the dodd-frank act, asking to remember
. think about that. if you look at the super pacs for romney and santorum and ron paul and newt gingrich, up until super tuesday they had spent a total for all of the candidates of $53 million. and in that one weekend they raised $100 million. so they are huge, they went out there, and they will say, and they will do anything. of course, it's a lot easier for them now since citizens united. because you cannot only raise unlimited corporate money, but you don't have to report which corporations are paying which bills. um, but they also couldn't do it without the assistance of the nation's media, and that's what drives me >> you can watch this and other programs online at booktv.org. >> host: well now joining us on booktv is author diana furchtgott-roth, and she has, in fact, several new books coming out in the summer of 2012, plus this broadside which is a maul little book -- small little book put out by encounter, "how obama's gender policies undermined america." first of all, wha ms. furchtgott-roth, what is a broadside? what is this to represent? >> guest: a broadside is just a short,
the fact you haven't seen this being a top level topic for either the obama administration or the romney campaign team is just indicative of the fact it's not really campaign issue. but i think you will see that it's a very important government issue and i expect both sides to be prepared to devote significant energy and effort to should they be the administration. >> guest: i'll take a different approach. i think the american people understand that investment and innovation is hugely important to the well being to the opportunities for jobs opportunities for jobs for the kids and grand kids. i think they understand that. and i think they see investment -- [inaudible] certainly investment in the middle class. they understand that's where we need to grows to a prosperous country in the 21st century. no way is -- [inaudible] voting for innovation. but they're going in saying i'm voting to improve my life. i think that will be part of it. >> host: ed paisley, john kneuer, josh smith thank you for being on ""the communicators" this week. is the second presidential debate form live on c-span,
it take from whence we get past this election and the weather is the romney administration or obama administration, what could that administration do to actually change the facts on the ground? ..
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